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Post Rock

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I know I didn’t mention post rock as something I would be posting about with this blog, and in fact, I’ll just go ahead and say that this post goes against the intent of this blog, but whatever, so long as I keep them few and far between right?  

Tuesday night I attended a show at the M-Room in Philadelphia PA, which was featuring Yndi Halda and two other bands I had never heard of.  Yndi Halda was amazing, as anyone who has ever heard of them could expect them to be, however it was the opening band that really surprised me with how much I enjoyed them.

Cloud Minder, which from what I gathered was a local Philadelphia band, was just plain good.  They did everything I expect from a band of this genre, which is basically rise and fall multiple times over the course of a song, do that and I’m happy, but again, their music was good, I enjoyed all three of the songs they played which is much more then I can say about the second band Now soon Nowhere who had me wanting to kill myself during the 6 or 7 songs they played, the only reason I didn’t walk out is because I was going to sit through them and see Yndi Halda come hell or high water.  

I find it to be a terrible shame that Post-Rock music simply cannot catch on here in America the way it can thrive anywhere else.  Even bands that have notoriety like Godspeedyou!  Black Emperor or Sigur Ros pull blank stares from people more often then not.  Yndi Halda has gained a considerable following over in England and despite only having one album out is already internationally touring.  The M-Room show was their first show in America, and at best maybe 30 people were watching them at any given time.  Perhaps it is because their music along with mostly all other post-rock isn’t delivered in the classic Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus.  I’m not saying that I don’t like songs that are song in this fashion, far from it i fact, but anything that isn’t song in this fashion (Pink Floyd aside) rarely gets on the radio over here, because it is just too different from what we have been fed over the radio to catch on with most people.  

More people should listen to experimental independent music, they are missing out on a world of emotion and idea’s all conveyed in 17 minute+ songs that rise and fall beautifully…. so long as the band is any good that is. 

And Cloud Minder is.


Step one: Inspect Underpants….

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A man was arrested a few days back after claiming to be an “Underwear researcher” and offering families 20 dollars to inspect their young children wearing various brands of underwear.  He would instruct the children to try on various pairs, and run his fingers along the waistband to “check the labels” while he took notes about what he seen.  

Now unless the notes read “God these are some terrible parents to sell their young children out to an obvious sexual predator for 20 dollars” there is nothing about this situation that is even remotely normal.  No underwear company would send a single creepy man out to stare at scantily clad children while they try out various brands of underwear that while it was never made apparent were most likely not even manufactured by the same company and wouldn’t be sending a single representative collect a detailed “feel” from little kids.  

This man managed to convince three families that this was a perfectly legitimate situation before getting himself arrested.  That is six adults that we can assume went to school in our American education system, that didn’t think twice about allowing someone to hang out with their 8 year old children alone in bedrooms while they stare at them in their undergarments.  

That is six adults too many in my opinion.  How can anyone in a country such as this be dumb enough to allow an “Underwear inspector” into their home?  It’s as bad as handing over your wallet to the Wallet Inspector, are we incapable of thinking for ourselves anymore?  Has our country dulled our brains to the point that we accept anything a man in a suit has to say simply because he looks the part?  Are we so afraid of turbans that we forget that the majority of the harmful people we will encounter in our lives will be American?  The news doesn’t remind us of hidden dangers that doesn’t advance their political agenda, only vaugue terrible threats that most likely will never occur.  As my friend and fellow blogger has pointed out, we have never been lower then Yellow on the Homeland Security Advisory System, yet we have not been attacked by a group of forgien terrorists since 9/11.  Significant threat of terrorist attack my ass.

The media has turned this country into a flock of helpless sheep, incapable of drudging up an opinion of their own about anything more important then the latest hollywood teen turned parent.  Hence I don’t watch the news, I don’t care about which tomato made someone in Oklahoma sick, and I don’t care about any other media scare.  I’ll watch the news when they aren’t trying to pointlessly scare me, and they have something worthwhile to say.

Recent lack of posts

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Some recent personal family upheavals came up last week which demanded most of my attention, so I never managed to get around to posting anything on this blog lately, which I assure anyone who cares, will be corrected soon.  I love WordPress, and I love that people other then two personal friends read this and comment on my thoughts and ideals.  So to anyone that cares, I certainly do not plan on quitting updating this blog.

Get out of the car and read it yourself!

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Why is there braille on the McDonalds drive thru menu?  What possible reason could they have placed it there for?  Yahoo answers seems to have no idea either, aside from the very sure people who plainly state that it is for blind passengers and then call everyone else idiots for not coming to the obvious conclusion.  Let me just say right now that anyone who forces a blind person to hang outside of their car windows to read the menu himself instead of just reading it out loud for him is a complete and utter asshole.  There is no sense to placing braille on the menu because blind people cannot drive a car, nor should they ever be walking about in the drive thru.  

I can’t even find ground for it’s presence in the form of discrimination, because blind people will never use it!  They can’t drive, so it’s a no brainer that it just serves zero purpose aside from making political correct nazi’s happy.  

Taking Braille away from a drive-thru wouldn’t harm blind people in anyway, and it would certainly look less silly.  

In related news, about a year ago Mcdonalds refused to serve an armless women by the name of Dawn Larson who bought food.  That is just dumb, hand her the food, who cares if she grips it with her feet?  The employee stated things like “I’m not doing this!  I’m just not!” Like she’s too good to serve her with her burger flipping job.  Get over yourself people, the girl has no arms and yet still manages to drive herself about, and have a normal life and you act like she’s diseased.  

Can I move to Europe yet?


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My blog set a personal record today and my last post of “Oh Linux” surpassed my previous post about Rebel the Dog as my most viewed post.  This leads me to believe that bloggers love both dogs and Linux more then anything else, so logically, posts about Yellow Dog Linx should be the most popular thing I can ever write about.

Pity I don’t know anything about it other then its name.

Oh Linux

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I love Linux.  I love how an operating system can come together that works so well, cost nothing, and be fully supported by a large group of die hard fans.

These same fans however, bother me to the point of disgust at times.  This weekend I happened to notice someone was running Ubuntu Linux on his Macbook Pro.  Since I had nothing better to do at the time, I attempted to make small talk and commented on how much I enjoy Ubuntu.  Said Linux person replied quickly that he hated Ubuntu, and preferred openSUSE.  However, he did mention that the reason openSUSE was in fact not installed was because it was tricky and difficult to get it installed, where as Ubuntu installed easily and gave him little trouble.  I was given only one reason that he hated Ubuntu, and that was because it made people look like idiots.

Well no shit buddy, most people that use computers are idiots.  I give it to the guy that he knows how to configure and install tarballs, configure important system files, and sift around to find some sort of workable drivers.  That is great and he is most likely better at it then I am, but hey I don’t want to spend 2 hours getting my video card to function like I had to do with Dapper Drake.  All versions of Ubuntu since then have done it for me in seconds.  Fresh installs just get up and running with all that basic starting bullshit taken care of for me.  This seems to aggravate hardcore Linux users, because they like to configure everything themselves, and therefore feel angry when Ubuntu takes that away from them.  Even though it doesn’t really, Ubuntu is just as configurable as any other Linux, the only difference is that someone who isn’t a multiple computer science major can use it with barely any trouble.

Ubuntu is taking a very good step with it’s usability and marketing.  Ubuntu is more commonly searched in on Google then Linux is these days.  Now if these Linux snobs can get over the fact that more people are using it, and that some people enjoy going outside a few times a day over staying inside wondering why their opensolaris computer won’t stay online longer then 5 minutes before I have to pull the Ethernet cable out and replace it.  (It happened!)

Point is, like it or not, more people are using Linux, and it is a good thing!  Everyone should have access to wonderful free open source programs, and nice secure operating systems that are free of the viral plagues that is the world of Windows.

Happy Birthday Scopes Monkey Trial!

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Today marks the 83rd anniversary of the Scopes monkey trial which challenged the Butler act forbidding the teaching of any other origin story aside from the Christian version of genesis in the classroom.  A complete timeline can be found here.

For anyone that doesn’t wish to read the complete timeline I’ll provide a quick summary of the events.

 John Thomas Scopes volunteered to be indicted of violating Tennessee’s anti evolution laws by teaching evolution in his classroom.  He was defended by Clarence Darrow who was attempting to prove that the Butler act which prohibited the teaching of a scientific theory in the classroom was unconstitutional.  The first trial ended with Scopes being found guilty and fined in accordance to the Butler Act, which was then appealed and ultimately found to be unconstitutional by the supreme court.  

Our forefathers knew that we should keep church and state separate, to be fair to all people and all beliefs.  So that we don’t outlaw wonderful advancements in medicine because of what god might think, or convincing our nation that it would be a good thing to genocide people that think differently, or hate people for loving someone of the same gender.  

We are dangerously close to becoming a fundamentalist theocracy hell bent on forcing everyone in this country to conform to one way of looking at and doing things, and if it wasn’t for people like Clarence Darrow and John Thomas Scopes, we would be one step closer to losing our freedom to believe what we chose to, and love who we wish.