James Watson

Not too long ago scientist James Watson made a waves by announcing that he had conducted a scientific study which concluded that black people are not as intelligent as other people.  This of course brought lots of accusations of him being a racist and provoked an apology from Watson.  

Now I don’t want to get into the long list of insane things that Watson has said in the past, which include statements about killing off all stupid people to remove them from the gene pool and that a women should be allowed to abort if she knew her child was going to be born a homosexual, I simply want to express my opinion that his current statement is not only important enough to be worth mentioning, but also completely pointless to be angry about.  

Most of the anger about Watson’s point of view seems to stem from the simple fact that he is a scientist and therefore (I think anyway) assumes that when he comes to a conclusion, other people will look at his findings with an open mind and be at the very least intrigued.  However most people are far more prone to illogical and irrational reactions then to open debate of scientific study.  So by stating that African’s are not as intelligent as other ethnic groups, which considering his past problems with social interactions, he more then likely also stated this information in a cold scientific way which came across as hateful bigotry.

He apologized for offending anyone unintentionally, though I still feel he has nothing to apologize for, so for a moment I’m going to hypothetically assume that what he stated is in fact 100 percent true.  

One of his points was that it is simply illogical to assume that various ethnic groups’ intelligence would evolve in exactly the same way despite being geologically separated for long periods of history.  Our body structures differ greatly, so why wouldn’t our brains also differ when compared to one another?  This being true would certainly make one think about everyone on earth being equal in a new light, but most people already know that the idea of everyone having an equal chance at excelling is a fairy tale.  Most of our future capability is decided at conception by the genetic code given to us by our parents, and nothing aside from genetic tinkering can change that.  

Another important thing that Watson stated was that while he found this to be the norm, there were still lots of African people that greatly excel in intelligence.  He was trying to talk about genetic predisposition, not make a sweeping statement that all Africans are the dumbest people on earth.  

My biggest complaint about being be made about this isn’t even that they just simply shouldn’t be made at a scientist for simply being a scientist and stating something that could be fact.  My complaint is that is statement, be it true or false, does not alter or change a single IQ of anyone on earth.  Finding out that a certain ethnic group might now be as gifted in the brain as another doesn’t make any member of that group less intelligent then they were prior just as it doesn’t make any other ethnic group more intelligent then they were previously.  

It’s so petty to be angry at something that you have no control over and ultimately does not affect your life. I feel as though we should know everything we can about the human mind, about every humans mind.  We set up rules in society under the assumption that everyone basically understands and thinks on the same exact level when ultimately that might just be an oversized pipe dream.  

Hopefully one day we can get over ourselves and begin to accept and work with our various differences instead of bicker over them.


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