Spell check is informing me that Superbishop is not a proper word, and three days ago it most certainly would not have been.  On the 6th of July the Church of England announced that it would be creating an entirely new class of Bishop called “Superbishop”.  The reasoning behind this new superhero, excuse me, this new Superbishop, is that there is a sizable rebel faction within the Church that refuses to be lead by ordained women.  This is certainly going to go over well without anyone new protesting yet another sharp divide in which once again it is blatantly obvious that you cannot go very far in most main stream religions if you happen to be born without a penis.  

Why are there even women left in these churches?  I don’t think I would willingly include myself in any organization that informed me up front that I had no chance of elevating myself based purely on my birth right, so I find it difficult to wrap my brain around the scores of women that do involve themselves with such things, especially in less theocratic areas of the world.  People throw major fits when any other organizations blatantly discriminate against women, but in this case we have religious taboo shielding to protect any backlash that might come it’s way.  To the Church of England it is more important to prevent a few rebellious church goers from going to the Church of Rome, then it is to not screw over the entirety of the females in their church.

I really hope that one day in the not too distant future, women just get fed up and quit, leaving a bunch of power hungry men with nobody to push around.  They can go start their own churches where men can’t be anything other then Nun’s, which would also make them cross dressers keeping out a large amount of the homophobic nutty men from their new found church.  

Also I find it strange that the Church of England even needed a new subtype of Bishop.  Wouldn’t a normal male Bishop be perfectly capable of residing over these stubborn males that refuse to obey a female Bishop, despite her being ordained and therefore (correct me if I am in fact wrong) clearly capable in gods eyes of performing her duties to the church?  I guess these “Superbishops” are just another way of these “traditionalists” (read bigots) of feeling that they still in fact have more power then any mere women.  

 I however welcome our new Superbishops and all the bigotry and chauvinism they represent, because despite the years upon years of unfair rules being handed down by the our various churches, there is only so far one can push a group of people before things just start to deteriorate and collapse, and well if anybody reads the Internet (most people these days seem to.) far more often then not these days, people are calling out all the insane things that these institutions are finding it OK to do to their paying and caring customers.


Yea I meant customers.



It turns out that the General Synod struck down the amendments by traditionalists to create Superbishops, and are thusly faced now with a potential split of the Church of England.  As far as I am concered though, they can only benefit by allowing these backwards bigots to leave the church and thereby distance themselves from such negative opinions of women.  

Good riddance!


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