There are atheists in fox holes

“There are no Atheists in fox holes” 

We have heard that saying before indicating that 100 percent of our military forces not only believe in a higher power, but believe in a specific christian higher power.  I really don’t understand why it is even important.  Does it really matter what god a solider believes in so long as he is doing his duty to protect his homeland?  It shouldn’t matter, all that needs to matter is that he follows orders, protects his fellow man, and bristles with patriotism.  

Those qualities aren’t enough for Jeremy Hall, who is currently involved in a lawsuit against the Army siting discrimination for his atheist beliefs.  Among the various claims he brought forth, one stands out particularly disturbing to me.  His fellow Christian soldiers made various death threats against him.  DEATH THREATS.  These soldiers took time out of fighting our enemy to make death threats against one of their own.  Now keep in mind that it was the Christians that made the death threats not the atheist who doesn’t have to abide by any moral rule like “thou shalt not kill”.  

Why do we allow this to go on?  It doesn’t matter at all what he belives in.  As long as he has your back and can be counted on to perform his duties as I already stated, why the hell does it matter?  We don’t have the proper amount of troops as it is, we can’t be squandering good troops simply because they don’t worship the same bearded man that it is generally perceived is the majority.  I say generally perceived because, given the way that atheists are treated in the armed forces, once can only imagine that there must be a significant amount of soldiers that are simply lying about their personal beliefs.  

Hall was heckeld and mocked for the courage to stand by his convictions.  He was once asked to sit at another table during a thanksgiving dinner because he refused to pray before the meal.  I have to ask myself if they also called him Rudolph and refused to allow him to participate in any reindeer games, and further more if any of his narrowminded self important squad mates and officers ever even read that story and learned a god damn lesson from it!  

In addition to that, he was almost killed during an attack on his humvee, which according to Hall, after the attack a fellow soldier asked him if he believed in Jesus now.  Was he indicating that Jesus attacked the humvee?  Because I’m not following what he meant.  Our soldiers are attacked and nearly killed and the first thing on their minds is to shove their personal dogma in a fellow troops face?  No wonder we haven’t won the war in Iraq yet, our priorities are all sorts of screwed up if convincing someone of the validity of a 2000 year old magical figure is more important then liberating oppressed people, repairing our national image, or getting over yourself long enough to effectively work together as members of the United States Army.  

At the end of the day, we want our troops to come home safely, and therefore we have to squash this petty pointless infighting, so that our outfighting will hopefully make a difference.


5 Responses to “There are atheists in fox holes”

  1. He should be thankful he’s an atheist and not a pagan, then he’d really be hated by the army.

    Currently almost all members of the different branches of religion faiths are allowed to display a symbol of their faith on their gravestone if buried in a military cemetary. Even atheists are allowed to have the symbol of the atom on their grave, signifying that they belong to no faith. But not pagans. They are not allowed to display their religion on their final resting place.

  2. erm. Mentally change “religion faiths” to religion. ^_^

  3. Very nice post. It’s a shame that Jeremy Hall was faced with discrimination while fighting for a noble cause. It also makes me wonder if some soldiers are willing to die simply because they believe god will give them a reward in the end, as opposed to just doing it for their country and what they believe is right. I’m sure this isn’t the case with all Christian soldiers, but I still can’t help but think…

  4. As a fellow atheist, I applaud Jeremy for his courage. He is a little spec in an ocean of religuous memes that plague mankind. It is better to reject faith and embrace facts.

  5. Thank you both for your comments! Atheist soldiers deserve the same respect as any other soldier that would give their lives for our country.

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