Happy Birthday Scopes Monkey Trial!

Today marks the 83rd anniversary of the Scopes monkey trial which challenged the Butler act forbidding the teaching of any other origin story aside from the Christian version of genesis in the classroom.  A complete timeline can be found here.

For anyone that doesn’t wish to read the complete timeline I’ll provide a quick summary of the events.

 John Thomas Scopes volunteered to be indicted of violating Tennessee’s anti evolution laws by teaching evolution in his classroom.  He was defended by Clarence Darrow who was attempting to prove that the Butler act which prohibited the teaching of a scientific theory in the classroom was unconstitutional.  The first trial ended with Scopes being found guilty and fined in accordance to the Butler Act, which was then appealed and ultimately found to be unconstitutional by the supreme court.  

Our forefathers knew that we should keep church and state separate, to be fair to all people and all beliefs.  So that we don’t outlaw wonderful advancements in medicine because of what god might think, or convincing our nation that it would be a good thing to genocide people that think differently, or hate people for loving someone of the same gender.  

We are dangerously close to becoming a fundamentalist theocracy hell bent on forcing everyone in this country to conform to one way of looking at and doing things, and if it wasn’t for people like Clarence Darrow and John Thomas Scopes, we would be one step closer to losing our freedom to believe what we chose to, and love who we wish.


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