Oh Linux

I love Linux.  I love how an operating system can come together that works so well, cost nothing, and be fully supported by a large group of die hard fans.

These same fans however, bother me to the point of disgust at times.  This weekend I happened to notice someone was running Ubuntu Linux on his Macbook Pro.  Since I had nothing better to do at the time, I attempted to make small talk and commented on how much I enjoy Ubuntu.  Said Linux person replied quickly that he hated Ubuntu, and preferred openSUSE.  However, he did mention that the reason openSUSE was in fact not installed was because it was tricky and difficult to get it installed, where as Ubuntu installed easily and gave him little trouble.  I was given only one reason that he hated Ubuntu, and that was because it made people look like idiots.

Well no shit buddy, most people that use computers are idiots.  I give it to the guy that he knows how to configure and install tarballs, configure important system files, and sift around to find some sort of workable drivers.  That is great and he is most likely better at it then I am, but hey I don’t want to spend 2 hours getting my video card to function like I had to do with Dapper Drake.  All versions of Ubuntu since then have done it for me in seconds.  Fresh installs just get up and running with all that basic starting bullshit taken care of for me.  This seems to aggravate hardcore Linux users, because they like to configure everything themselves, and therefore feel angry when Ubuntu takes that away from them.  Even though it doesn’t really, Ubuntu is just as configurable as any other Linux, the only difference is that someone who isn’t a multiple computer science major can use it with barely any trouble.

Ubuntu is taking a very good step with it’s usability and marketing.  Ubuntu is more commonly searched in on Google then Linux is these days.  Now if these Linux snobs can get over the fact that more people are using it, and that some people enjoy going outside a few times a day over staying inside wondering why their opensolaris computer won’t stay online longer then 5 minutes before I have to pull the Ethernet cable out and replace it.  (It happened!)

Point is, like it or not, more people are using Linux, and it is a good thing!  Everyone should have access to wonderful free open source programs, and nice secure operating systems that are free of the viral plagues that is the world of Windows.


5 Responses to “Oh Linux”

  1. I don’t really understand people like that – just looking for something to be snobby about, I guess. Why isn’t he using BSD, then? Isn’t Linux for idiots? Maybe he should be at least using Gentoo or Slackware, right?

    I bet he liked Alannis Morrisette before anyone else did, too.

  2. ddollas Says:

    I forgot to mention that I was once banned from the Knoppix forums for failing to to phrase my question as a new user correctly. Only the Ubuntu forums have I found to be full of people that want to help me instead of chase me off.

    Good call on the BSD by the way!

  3. Leslie Satenstein Says:

    The young man is angry with UBUNTU because it comes essentially pre-configured. Install and run.

    He would have been happier to be able to tweak it a bit. To play with the settings, etc.

  4. ddollas Says:

    Nothing is stopping him from doing that after he installs Ubuntu, you can still configure and change it till your happy with what you have, the only difference is you don’t have any wasted time configuring everything just to make it run before you get down to getting things to run the way you want.

  5. Man … Ubuntu rocks and it’s for everyone. Wah I really want to know is how I can use it on a mac book pro.

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