Get out of the car and read it yourself!

Why is there braille on the McDonalds drive thru menu?  What possible reason could they have placed it there for?  Yahoo answers seems to have no idea either, aside from the very sure people who plainly state that it is for blind passengers and then call everyone else idiots for not coming to the obvious conclusion.  Let me just say right now that anyone who forces a blind person to hang outside of their car windows to read the menu himself instead of just reading it out loud for him is a complete and utter asshole.  There is no sense to placing braille on the menu because blind people cannot drive a car, nor should they ever be walking about in the drive thru.  

I can’t even find ground for it’s presence in the form of discrimination, because blind people will never use it!  They can’t drive, so it’s a no brainer that it just serves zero purpose aside from making political correct nazi’s happy.  

Taking Braille away from a drive-thru wouldn’t harm blind people in anyway, and it would certainly look less silly.  

In related news, about a year ago Mcdonalds refused to serve an armless women by the name of Dawn Larson who bought food.  That is just dumb, hand her the food, who cares if she grips it with her feet?  The employee stated things like “I’m not doing this!  I’m just not!” Like she’s too good to serve her with her burger flipping job.  Get over yourself people, the girl has no arms and yet still manages to drive herself about, and have a normal life and you act like she’s diseased.  

Can I move to Europe yet?


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