Post Rock

I know I didn’t mention post rock as something I would be posting about with this blog, and in fact, I’ll just go ahead and say that this post goes against the intent of this blog, but whatever, so long as I keep them few and far between right?  

Tuesday night I attended a show at the M-Room in Philadelphia PA, which was featuring Yndi Halda and two other bands I had never heard of.  Yndi Halda was amazing, as anyone who has ever heard of them could expect them to be, however it was the opening band that really surprised me with how much I enjoyed them.

Cloud Minder, which from what I gathered was a local Philadelphia band, was just plain good.  They did everything I expect from a band of this genre, which is basically rise and fall multiple times over the course of a song, do that and I’m happy, but again, their music was good, I enjoyed all three of the songs they played which is much more then I can say about the second band Now soon Nowhere who had me wanting to kill myself during the 6 or 7 songs they played, the only reason I didn’t walk out is because I was going to sit through them and see Yndi Halda come hell or high water.  

I find it to be a terrible shame that Post-Rock music simply cannot catch on here in America the way it can thrive anywhere else.  Even bands that have notoriety like Godspeedyou!  Black Emperor or Sigur Ros pull blank stares from people more often then not.  Yndi Halda has gained a considerable following over in England and despite only having one album out is already internationally touring.  The M-Room show was their first show in America, and at best maybe 30 people were watching them at any given time.  Perhaps it is because their music along with mostly all other post-rock isn’t delivered in the classic Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus.  I’m not saying that I don’t like songs that are song in this fashion, far from it i fact, but anything that isn’t song in this fashion (Pink Floyd aside) rarely gets on the radio over here, because it is just too different from what we have been fed over the radio to catch on with most people.  

More people should listen to experimental independent music, they are missing out on a world of emotion and idea’s all conveyed in 17 minute+ songs that rise and fall beautifully…. so long as the band is any good that is. 

And Cloud Minder is.


One Response to “Post Rock”

  1. Thank you for the kind words about Cloud Minder. We are happy you enjoyed the show! Thank you for your support and keep listening!

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