Late WBC update

It seems that despite managing to get some of their members across the border to protest the funeral of Tim Mclean, the Westboro Church decided to call it off due to fears of getting arrested.  

While I am glad that Canada decided to stand up for the personal feelings of it’s innocent citizens (it helped that in upwards of 600 people had showed up to personally form a wall around the Westboro Church members to keep them from ruining the funeral with their messages of hate) this just shows to me that this group of people are not as devoted to their version of God as they would like us all to think.

The same people that rant and rave that God himself killed Mclean because Canada is a “Fag nation” were actually afraid that God would allow the only family on earth that worships him properly to be arrested.  If God flew planes into the world trade center, decapitated a man, crippled soldiers, sent an arsonist to burn their church, (were getting silly here WBC) convinced Heath Ledger to overdose, and killed George Carlin of natural causes, then I’m sure as hell that he can handle a few police officers and some Canadian citizens.  

However, the WBC allowed their faith to fail them, and decided to call it quits instead of spend a night in or two in a jail cell.  Now if only America would take some sort of steps to keep this hateful lunatics from ruining peaceful demonstrations of loss.  I’m the first person to stand up for freedom of speech, I state my mind regardless of what anybody else thinks.  But I see no reason to go out of my way just to upset someone.  I don’t show up to Christian funerals with signs that read “I hate god” or “God isn’t real” and if I did, I would expect someone to ask me to get the hell out.  

People have the right to their opinions, but nothing the WBC says or protests have any constructive purpose, they hate gay people, we get it, now grow up and stop caring so much about something that in no way effects you.


2 Responses to “Late WBC update”

  1. They got what they needed, they didn’t need to protest. The Westboro Church members are cowards. They only care about publicity, and once they get that they’re done. They aren’t really “soldiers for God”, they’re PR experts.

    They pick high-profile deaths, reguardless of if the death has anything to do with their “message”, say they’re going to protest so everyone pays attention to them for a few weeks, and, recently, make some excuse as to why they won’t show up.

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t show up to Ledger’s funeral either.

    At this point you’re probably right about not really caring about god anymore. I’m sure by getting their name out there every once in a while some crazy rich people are giving them money. They would only need to follow through if they really wanted to serve their god. Instead, now they’re getting money from the publicity, getting rich, and sitting back.

  2. I have a feeling that the biggest problem with this group is that they have been allowed to continue as they are for far too long.

    They are predominantly one family, indoctrinating the children from day dot, using what has been described (by a family member who escaped and now lives in Canada) as abusive methods – not just mental, but physical. It’s high time the children’s authorities should look into the matter.

    The simple fact that they have their children, as young as five (and I think even younger) actually at the protests, waving signs they have no hope of understanding, being put in real danger from adult reactions (that, though probably not intentionally aimed at the children, can go overboard by accident) is alarming to say the least. Seeing these poor children witnessing their parents, aunts, uncles and elder siblings being ranted and spat at is disgusting and scary – no child should have to see those things.

    I am all for freedom of speech – I will protect that right even when I can’t stand what is being said – but this family is going too far. Something needs to be done, even if it’s just for the sake of the children.

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