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Anyone? Anyone?

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This morning I was browsing some other blogs here on wordpress and came across a fellow blogger who was talking about Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled.  I have to admit that I have yet to view it myself, but I certainly intend to in the near future.  

Talking about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed or even intelligent design is not the focus of this post however.  The target is the other blogger who’s post I had been reading.  I considered linking his blog, then decided that there is very little point.  Nothing that I have to say will convince him of the impossibilities or fallacy of his beliefs if he cannot see them on his own.  So I will simply place the name of his blog at the end of this post and allow anyone the option of reading his post without the resulting flame war that might result from my deliberate attack on his blog.  

Said Blogger’s main argument was with an interview of Richard Dawkins during the documentary.  I understand why a doctrinal follower of Jesus Christ would take issue with someone who openly stands against everything that you believe in.  That fact does not mean that you should take things that he says entirely out of context.  One thing in particular that really bothered both the blogger was that Dawkins apparently stated that he believes that this planet was “seeded” by an intelligent alien civilization.  I put the word in bold the word intelligent because he did as well, obviously to allude that Dawkins was actually saying that he believes in “Intelligent Design” which is certainly not true and is a blatant attempt to take Dawkins out of context.

He then went on to say that believing that aliens seeded the earth took much more faith then believing in God “It takes a lot more faith to believe that than it does to believe Genesis 1:1.”  My question is why do you think that?  Do you think that because some trustworthy robe wearing people in goofy hats along with your parents didn’t tell you from birth that aliens created life instead of God?  How is it that Jesus Christ or God being responsible for all life with their magical powers is any less imbecilic then a bunch of aliens dropping DNA all over the place?  Explain this to me because I want to know exactly why it takes more faith to grasp one silly explanation for the complexities of the world then another.  Anyone with some semblance of ability to think clearly needs only take a look back in time and trace various civilizations rising and falling, each with their own views on god.  How can anyone look at that, sit back, then say “Man we really struck the nail on the head with Christianity.” Can you not see the illogical line of thinking that comes along with this?  Your belief is no different from the Cargo Cults of Vanautu, or the polytheistic view of ancient Greece.

He then claims that Dawkins is a fool and cites Psalm 14:1 and 53:1 as his reasons for declaring him such.  I can proclaim that someone is foolish and then cite unrelated antiquated reasons as well.  

You sir Blogger are a fool.  “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.” – Ben Franklin

What did I prove by quoting Ben Franklin?  The same nothing that citing two psalms that have the word fool in them did.

The main point that he wants to make is not that Dawkins is a fool, though it is hard to figure that out since he certainly went on a nice tangent about it.  This man wants their to be alternatives taught in schools aside from evolution.  I’m fine with this as well, so long as the alternative being taught isn’t so obviously erroneous.  He attempts to cite an example of refusing to teach intelligent design is like.  The example is.  

“It’s as if you can come up with any answer you want regarding the origin of man and the universe, except one (that God had anything to do with it). That’s like a police department investigating a murder and being told by the District Attorney, “Arrest the person the evidence points to, except not if it’s the Sheriff’s son.” Ridiculous!”

No That would be insinuating two very different things.  One being that there is any evidence at all for he existence of god.  (Show me any aside from bibles and faith.  And nothing about how many people believe it, so it must be true.  We used to burn lepers clothing and send them away to islands because we thought leprosy was highly contagious.) Two, your example should actually be stated more along the lines of this.  “This man has a dubious track record of violence, his references are over 2000 years old, he has multiple offenses of blatant sexism, and consistently contradicts himself.”  “However, many people like him so we are OK with this man becoming mayor.”

It is people like this, who feel as though they have closed their mind to any possibility aside from ones that are found deep within an ancient book littered with self contradicting stories about the creation of this planet, think that other people should conform to their close minded view on what has so obviously not created the universe, that makes me ill.

Coram Deo – Name of the blog in case anyone wants to search him out.


Altruism and Dimes

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I experienced an interesting parallel today while reading The Selfish Gene before my history class.  I had only just opened the book and was reading then introduction about the lack of true altruistic species when I was approached by a female student who asked me to watch her bag while she went to the bathroom.  This was the second time that we have spoken.  The first time she had asked me for a dime to replace the one that the vending machine had stolen from her.  

I found myself laughing inside at how much of an example of selfish altruism I was displaying by watching this girls bag, just as I had done a few days prior by offering her a dime.  While I would like to think that I gave her a dime purely be cause it was a “nice” thing to do, subconsciously I suppose and am almost certain that I had other motives driven by both social and genetic reasons.  By giving her a “dime” when she needed one I have opened the door for future “dimes” to be bestowed upon me when the time comes that I am out of “dimes”.  I speak of “dimes” with quotation marks because while it serves fine as an example, “dimes” are not the only thing that I could get back out of my one seemingly selfless act.   Perhaps I might need a quarter at some point in the future.  Maybe I could find myself without a pencil and for whatever reason desperately need one then.  Delving further, I could in theory use this situation to begin striking up conversation with her.  Conversation opens the door to flirtation, which opens the door to possible sexual reproduction.  Regardless of what I may need in the future I could turn to the recipient of my altruism and expect it to be returned in kind.  I expect it to be returned because of the simple fact that if it is not, the recipient would be cutting themselves off from future acts of kindness.  

I understand that the last part of that paragraph might make me appear as a lonely blogger trying to gather up courage to talk to a girl.  (I assure you this is not the case) I merely wanted to express my belief that in almost all cases acts of selflessness are just selfish acts in disguise.  I furthered a type of trust with someone who in the future I can now hopefully rely on when I need someone minor.  Therefore by acting altruistically now I may have hurt myself ever slightly (I’m out a dime), however, I only did so to selfishly set up a future situation in which I will benefit.


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 æ  That letter shows up quite often in “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.  So often you’d think that this author speaks Greek every chance he can get.  ç shows up as well, and I’m sure as I get further into this book even more fun letters will be coming out of the wood work.  

Never being fully sure if I am pronouncing certain words aside, I’m very pleased so far with this book, it details a dark future based completely on rigid caste systems that are decided at birth and forced upon helpless fetuses by controlling the substances and oxygen levels granted to developing test tube babies.  Hatcheries are responsible for making babies smarter or dumber to fit certain caste requirements.  Most of these genetic offspring come from a single egg in a process called the “Bokanovsky’s Process” in which a single egg is divided up to 96 times creating a large set of identical twins who are then all forced into the same job.  

“Brave New World” is just another anti-utopian totalitarian book that I am to soon am to have under my belt.  The past month allowed me time (time I have regrettably spent away from writing, though I feel much more refreshed and alert mentally after drowning myself in so many books) to read some very good classic negative utopian books, such as “1984” and “Animal Farm” and once I finish this current book I shall be moving right on to “Fahrenheit 451” which I haven’t read since high school.  

I’m not sure what has captivated me with the obsession to read about such dysfunctional societies, though my personal view that the United States is slowly starting to mimic Oceania in terms of telling us what to think and what to care about instead of allowing us to come to our own conclusions.  They make it a point to force a two party system on us, and televise debates between the two candidates to aid us in making our choice as to who is going to be the next president.  Of course the debates never include candidates from any other party aside from Republican or Democrat, thusly elimanating virtually all chance of the presidential nominee of the Libertarian, Green, or Constitution party from ever being elected.  

Why are these parties barred from such debates?  If we truly lived in a democratic society then no single person should be barred from an event, people like Ron Paul shouldn’t be censored from Fox news because the party might now agree with the message he is pushing.  The election is presented as an event where the people shall decide who shall lead them.  Unfortunately Ron Paul stood no chance against McCain since there was a concerted effort to keep him off television until recent times.  He has been on quite a high profile talk shows now that he stands no chance of being voted the presidential candidate of the Republican party.    

I work in a highly political real estate office, where people love to spend hours debating about liberal or conservative views, Republican or Democrat everywhere I look.  Hell most of these people are ignorant to the fact that more then two people even run for president thanks to our media blackout on every third party candidate and local states refusal to place them on Ballots.  I’m looking at you New Jersey.  For anger’s sake I’m going to list the three major third parties presidential candidates for everyone.

Libertarian Party – Bob Barr

Green Party – Cynthia McKinney

Constitution Party – Chuck Baldwin

I don’t claim to know the policies of any other these people aside from Bob Barr, (since I’m Libertarian I better know what he is about or else make a nice ass myself) but I have the decency to know that they exist and take issue that these candidates are treated more then unfairly with ballot access.  How can a state simply decide that someone isn’t allowed to run for president from a legitimate political party?  While I am sure that there is some red tape reason that prohibits them from being on the ballot, what is the harm?  Every single person running for president deserves his or her best chance at being elected.  As far as I am concerned it should be illegal to withhold any person from a legitimate political party who has other elected officials working for our government from running for president.  Anything aside from a truly open ballot allowing all candidates a chance to be voted for president, or at least allow people to know they exist while at the ballot booth simply isn’t democracy.  Then again we live in a Republic, so I guess I shouldn’t complain much right?  

Before I go I should define the word I used in the title of this entry, Hypnopædia means sleep learning, and in the novel “Brave New World” they use it to imprint certain morals on the various castes of society, such as the impulse to throw out something old and buy something new, spend money on leisure at every opportunity, and that every class below yours is simply horrible and you shouldn’t speak to them.  I don’t even have to stretch it to find a comparison to modern society.