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 æ  That letter shows up quite often in “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.  So often you’d think that this author speaks Greek every chance he can get.  ç shows up as well, and I’m sure as I get further into this book even more fun letters will be coming out of the wood work.  

Never being fully sure if I am pronouncing certain words aside, I’m very pleased so far with this book, it details a dark future based completely on rigid caste systems that are decided at birth and forced upon helpless fetuses by controlling the substances and oxygen levels granted to developing test tube babies.  Hatcheries are responsible for making babies smarter or dumber to fit certain caste requirements.  Most of these genetic offspring come from a single egg in a process called the “Bokanovsky’s Process” in which a single egg is divided up to 96 times creating a large set of identical twins who are then all forced into the same job.  

“Brave New World” is just another anti-utopian totalitarian book that I am to soon am to have under my belt.  The past month allowed me time (time I have regrettably spent away from writing, though I feel much more refreshed and alert mentally after drowning myself in so many books) to read some very good classic negative utopian books, such as “1984” and “Animal Farm” and once I finish this current book I shall be moving right on to “Fahrenheit 451” which I haven’t read since high school.  

I’m not sure what has captivated me with the obsession to read about such dysfunctional societies, though my personal view that the United States is slowly starting to mimic Oceania in terms of telling us what to think and what to care about instead of allowing us to come to our own conclusions.  They make it a point to force a two party system on us, and televise debates between the two candidates to aid us in making our choice as to who is going to be the next president.  Of course the debates never include candidates from any other party aside from Republican or Democrat, thusly elimanating virtually all chance of the presidential nominee of the Libertarian, Green, or Constitution party from ever being elected.  

Why are these parties barred from such debates?  If we truly lived in a democratic society then no single person should be barred from an event, people like Ron Paul shouldn’t be censored from Fox news because the party might now agree with the message he is pushing.  The election is presented as an event where the people shall decide who shall lead them.  Unfortunately Ron Paul stood no chance against McCain since there was a concerted effort to keep him off television until recent times.  He has been on quite a high profile talk shows now that he stands no chance of being voted the presidential candidate of the Republican party.    

I work in a highly political real estate office, where people love to spend hours debating about liberal or conservative views, Republican or Democrat everywhere I look.  Hell most of these people are ignorant to the fact that more then two people even run for president thanks to our media blackout on every third party candidate and local states refusal to place them on Ballots.  I’m looking at you New Jersey.  For anger’s sake I’m going to list the three major third parties presidential candidates for everyone.

Libertarian Party – Bob Barr

Green Party – Cynthia McKinney

Constitution Party – Chuck Baldwin

I don’t claim to know the policies of any other these people aside from Bob Barr, (since I’m Libertarian I better know what he is about or else make a nice ass myself) but I have the decency to know that they exist and take issue that these candidates are treated more then unfairly with ballot access.  How can a state simply decide that someone isn’t allowed to run for president from a legitimate political party?  While I am sure that there is some red tape reason that prohibits them from being on the ballot, what is the harm?  Every single person running for president deserves his or her best chance at being elected.  As far as I am concerned it should be illegal to withhold any person from a legitimate political party who has other elected officials working for our government from running for president.  Anything aside from a truly open ballot allowing all candidates a chance to be voted for president, or at least allow people to know they exist while at the ballot booth simply isn’t democracy.  Then again we live in a Republic, so I guess I shouldn’t complain much right?  

Before I go I should define the word I used in the title of this entry, Hypnopædia means sleep learning, and in the novel “Brave New World” they use it to imprint certain morals on the various castes of society, such as the impulse to throw out something old and buy something new, spend money on leisure at every opportunity, and that every class below yours is simply horrible and you shouldn’t speak to them.  I don’t even have to stretch it to find a comparison to modern society.  


Step one: Inspect Underpants….

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A man was arrested a few days back after claiming to be an “Underwear researcher” and offering families 20 dollars to inspect their young children wearing various brands of underwear.  He would instruct the children to try on various pairs, and run his fingers along the waistband to “check the labels” while he took notes about what he seen.  

Now unless the notes read “God these are some terrible parents to sell their young children out to an obvious sexual predator for 20 dollars” there is nothing about this situation that is even remotely normal.  No underwear company would send a single creepy man out to stare at scantily clad children while they try out various brands of underwear that while it was never made apparent were most likely not even manufactured by the same company and wouldn’t be sending a single representative collect a detailed “feel” from little kids.  

This man managed to convince three families that this was a perfectly legitimate situation before getting himself arrested.  That is six adults that we can assume went to school in our American education system, that didn’t think twice about allowing someone to hang out with their 8 year old children alone in bedrooms while they stare at them in their undergarments.  

That is six adults too many in my opinion.  How can anyone in a country such as this be dumb enough to allow an “Underwear inspector” into their home?  It’s as bad as handing over your wallet to the Wallet Inspector, are we incapable of thinking for ourselves anymore?  Has our country dulled our brains to the point that we accept anything a man in a suit has to say simply because he looks the part?  Are we so afraid of turbans that we forget that the majority of the harmful people we will encounter in our lives will be American?  The news doesn’t remind us of hidden dangers that doesn’t advance their political agenda, only vaugue terrible threats that most likely will never occur.  As my friend and fellow blogger has pointed out, we have never been lower then Yellow on the Homeland Security Advisory System, yet we have not been attacked by a group of forgien terrorists since 9/11.  Significant threat of terrorist attack my ass.

The media has turned this country into a flock of helpless sheep, incapable of drudging up an opinion of their own about anything more important then the latest hollywood teen turned parent.  Hence I don’t watch the news, I don’t care about which tomato made someone in Oklahoma sick, and I don’t care about any other media scare.  I’ll watch the news when they aren’t trying to pointlessly scare me, and they have something worthwhile to say.