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Anyone? Anyone?

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This morning I was browsing some other blogs here on wordpress and came across a fellow blogger who was talking about Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled.  I have to admit that I have yet to view it myself, but I certainly intend to in the near future.  

Talking about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed or even intelligent design is not the focus of this post however.  The target is the other blogger who’s post I had been reading.  I considered linking his blog, then decided that there is very little point.  Nothing that I have to say will convince him of the impossibilities or fallacy of his beliefs if he cannot see them on his own.  So I will simply place the name of his blog at the end of this post and allow anyone the option of reading his post without the resulting flame war that might result from my deliberate attack on his blog.  

Said Blogger’s main argument was with an interview of Richard Dawkins during the documentary.  I understand why a doctrinal follower of Jesus Christ would take issue with someone who openly stands against everything that you believe in.  That fact does not mean that you should take things that he says entirely out of context.  One thing in particular that really bothered both the blogger was that Dawkins apparently stated that he believes that this planet was “seeded” by an intelligent alien civilization.  I put the word in bold the word intelligent because he did as well, obviously to allude that Dawkins was actually saying that he believes in “Intelligent Design” which is certainly not true and is a blatant attempt to take Dawkins out of context.

He then went on to say that believing that aliens seeded the earth took much more faith then believing in God “It takes a lot more faith to believe that than it does to believe Genesis 1:1.”  My question is why do you think that?  Do you think that because some trustworthy robe wearing people in goofy hats along with your parents didn’t tell you from birth that aliens created life instead of God?  How is it that Jesus Christ or God being responsible for all life with their magical powers is any less imbecilic then a bunch of aliens dropping DNA all over the place?  Explain this to me because I want to know exactly why it takes more faith to grasp one silly explanation for the complexities of the world then another.  Anyone with some semblance of ability to think clearly needs only take a look back in time and trace various civilizations rising and falling, each with their own views on god.  How can anyone look at that, sit back, then say “Man we really struck the nail on the head with Christianity.” Can you not see the illogical line of thinking that comes along with this?  Your belief is no different from the Cargo Cults of Vanautu, or the polytheistic view of ancient Greece.

He then claims that Dawkins is a fool and cites Psalm 14:1 and 53:1 as his reasons for declaring him such.  I can proclaim that someone is foolish and then cite unrelated antiquated reasons as well.  

You sir Blogger are a fool.  “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.” – Ben Franklin

What did I prove by quoting Ben Franklin?  The same nothing that citing two psalms that have the word fool in them did.

The main point that he wants to make is not that Dawkins is a fool, though it is hard to figure that out since he certainly went on a nice tangent about it.  This man wants their to be alternatives taught in schools aside from evolution.  I’m fine with this as well, so long as the alternative being taught isn’t so obviously erroneous.  He attempts to cite an example of refusing to teach intelligent design is like.  The example is.  

“It’s as if you can come up with any answer you want regarding the origin of man and the universe, except one (that God had anything to do with it). That’s like a police department investigating a murder and being told by the District Attorney, “Arrest the person the evidence points to, except not if it’s the Sheriff’s son.” Ridiculous!”

No That would be insinuating two very different things.  One being that there is any evidence at all for he existence of god.  (Show me any aside from bibles and faith.  And nothing about how many people believe it, so it must be true.  We used to burn lepers clothing and send them away to islands because we thought leprosy was highly contagious.) Two, your example should actually be stated more along the lines of this.  “This man has a dubious track record of violence, his references are over 2000 years old, he has multiple offenses of blatant sexism, and consistently contradicts himself.”  “However, many people like him so we are OK with this man becoming mayor.”

It is people like this, who feel as though they have closed their mind to any possibility aside from ones that are found deep within an ancient book littered with self contradicting stories about the creation of this planet, think that other people should conform to their close minded view on what has so obviously not created the universe, that makes me ill.

Coram Deo – Name of the blog in case anyone wants to search him out.


Late WBC update

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It seems that despite managing to get some of their members across the border to protest the funeral of Tim Mclean, the Westboro Church decided to call it off due to fears of getting arrested.  

While I am glad that Canada decided to stand up for the personal feelings of it’s innocent citizens (it helped that in upwards of 600 people had showed up to personally form a wall around the Westboro Church members to keep them from ruining the funeral with their messages of hate) this just shows to me that this group of people are not as devoted to their version of God as they would like us all to think.

The same people that rant and rave that God himself killed Mclean because Canada is a “Fag nation” were actually afraid that God would allow the only family on earth that worships him properly to be arrested.  If God flew planes into the world trade center, decapitated a man, crippled soldiers, sent an arsonist to burn their church, (were getting silly here WBC) convinced Heath Ledger to overdose, and killed George Carlin of natural causes, then I’m sure as hell that he can handle a few police officers and some Canadian citizens.  

However, the WBC allowed their faith to fail them, and decided to call it quits instead of spend a night in or two in a jail cell.  Now if only America would take some sort of steps to keep this hateful lunatics from ruining peaceful demonstrations of loss.  I’m the first person to stand up for freedom of speech, I state my mind regardless of what anybody else thinks.  But I see no reason to go out of my way just to upset someone.  I don’t show up to Christian funerals with signs that read “I hate god” or “God isn’t real” and if I did, I would expect someone to ask me to get the hell out.  

People have the right to their opinions, but nothing the WBC says or protests have any constructive purpose, they hate gay people, we get it, now grow up and stop caring so much about something that in no way effects you.

Turns out Canada isn’t gonna put up with you

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With the recent antics of the Westboro Baptist church quickly becoming numerous I have decided to create a category in this blog just for them.  While I’m sure they will perverse this act (if they ever even read a thing I write.) and thank God for the devilish blogger that details his thoughts and murmurings about the fanatical hate group, I’m really adding the category just to make finding posts about these jackasses all the easier. 

The Church decided that it was going to protest the funeral of Tim McLean who was brutally murdered and decapitated on board a Greyhound bus in Canada.  Never being the type of group to keep secret about where they are going to be protesting next, news spread to concerned citizens of Canada who through the use of facebook groups, organized with the government an effort to prevent the church members from entering the country.

Shirley Phelps-Roper was pleased that she was prevented from crossing the border into the “fag” country, (something she and her family has said on numerous occasions about America as well) and simply stated that she has other members of the church crossing the border at other locations and she fully intends to be there to protest this man’s funeral.  

Phelps-Roper has repeated stated that this beheading was a “Gift from god.” given to us to show his anger with the way Canadians have allowed homosexuals to live in their country.  I almost want to think that this has to be some sort of joke.  She expects me to believe that God the Almighty, has so little to do with his Omnipotent self that he slew a single person who despite what Phelps-Roper said about him (despite never meeting him or having anything to go on other then her insane beliefs in a tyrannical insane God that smites everyone and everything for little to no reason) was a perfectly good person who did nothing to deserve such a vicious attack.  They would also have you believe that God caused 9/11, the earthquake in China, various mudslides, and was personally responsible for every lost life in the war in Iraq.  


This person is in fact an asshole

This person is in fact an asshole


He isn't with social services why?

He isn't with social services why?


These photos were taken from the Westboro Baptist Church and are being used with permission.







At least in Canada they have expressed to this bigots that their behaviour is unacceptable, deconstructive, and ludicrous.  It is bad enough that Tim McLean’s family has to deal with his loss without a group of lunatics screaming thanks to towards the heavens for this poor mans death.  Unfortunately here in America, freedom of religion allows these people to practice their hateful beliefs free of reprisal for the most part.  The only backlash they get is negative reception in the media, which only serves to fuel their convictions to continue to hate.  If only we didn’t lay back and accept that all religious beliefs are acceptable and should be given free reign to be expressed regardless of if their intentions are positive or not.  

For example, I wouldn’t be allowed to walk about holding signs wishing death on homosexuals just for the hell of it.  That would be a hate crime.  However, if I said that I hated homosexuals because God said I have to, then it’s perfectly fine and nobody will stop me from spreading my hate about like some spraying cat.  It’s stupid that we allow this as a society.  I’m tired of people using God as some super shield to protect them from the backlash they deserve for being hateful human beings.  If you want to show up to soldiers funerals and hold signs similar to this.  

I hate you

I hate you













Then expect some, if not all of the fallen soldiers friends and family to take offense, but don’t expect any law to come to your aid when they decide to bring their thoughts on the death of their loved one to your face with their fists.  These people are not bringing a message about religion or love or even peace.  In short, when you really read one of their signs about dead soldiers, it does not read “thank God for dead soldiers” it says, “Haha your son is dead”  

And that is just wrong.  Someone please burn these people with napalm.

Westboro Baptist Fire

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The Westboro baptist church has sprung up again in the news, but not for picketing anyone’s funeral this time. A Fire broke out on a fence nearby the church and spread to the garage.

A spoke person for the Church Shirley Phelps-Roper stated that the fire was most likely set by an arsonist.  I however would like to guess that it might be possible that God started the fire because I think it is possible that instead of hating Fags, God instead hates belligerent hate mongers that make whatever God normal God fearing people believe in look absolutely bat shit insane.  

However, that more then likely did not happen.  Someone lit a fire hoping to burn that place down, the church of course responded with videos and statements like “Thank god for the arsonist, you’ve made us so happy!”  Though I can’t imagine them being too happy for too long if God or someone else continued to set their precious church aflame.

Happy Birthday Scopes Monkey Trial!

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Today marks the 83rd anniversary of the Scopes monkey trial which challenged the Butler act forbidding the teaching of any other origin story aside from the Christian version of genesis in the classroom.  A complete timeline can be found here.

For anyone that doesn’t wish to read the complete timeline I’ll provide a quick summary of the events.

 John Thomas Scopes volunteered to be indicted of violating Tennessee’s anti evolution laws by teaching evolution in his classroom.  He was defended by Clarence Darrow who was attempting to prove that the Butler act which prohibited the teaching of a scientific theory in the classroom was unconstitutional.  The first trial ended with Scopes being found guilty and fined in accordance to the Butler Act, which was then appealed and ultimately found to be unconstitutional by the supreme court.  

Our forefathers knew that we should keep church and state separate, to be fair to all people and all beliefs.  So that we don’t outlaw wonderful advancements in medicine because of what god might think, or convincing our nation that it would be a good thing to genocide people that think differently, or hate people for loving someone of the same gender.  

We are dangerously close to becoming a fundamentalist theocracy hell bent on forcing everyone in this country to conform to one way of looking at and doing things, and if it wasn’t for people like Clarence Darrow and John Thomas Scopes, we would be one step closer to losing our freedom to believe what we chose to, and love who we wish.

There are atheists in fox holes

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“There are no Atheists in fox holes” 

We have heard that saying before indicating that 100 percent of our military forces not only believe in a higher power, but believe in a specific christian higher power.  I really don’t understand why it is even important.  Does it really matter what god a solider believes in so long as he is doing his duty to protect his homeland?  It shouldn’t matter, all that needs to matter is that he follows orders, protects his fellow man, and bristles with patriotism.  

Those qualities aren’t enough for Jeremy Hall, who is currently involved in a lawsuit against the Army siting discrimination for his atheist beliefs.  Among the various claims he brought forth, one stands out particularly disturbing to me.  His fellow Christian soldiers made various death threats against him.  DEATH THREATS.  These soldiers took time out of fighting our enemy to make death threats against one of their own.  Now keep in mind that it was the Christians that made the death threats not the atheist who doesn’t have to abide by any moral rule like “thou shalt not kill”.  

Why do we allow this to go on?  It doesn’t matter at all what he belives in.  As long as he has your back and can be counted on to perform his duties as I already stated, why the hell does it matter?  We don’t have the proper amount of troops as it is, we can’t be squandering good troops simply because they don’t worship the same bearded man that it is generally perceived is the majority.  I say generally perceived because, given the way that atheists are treated in the armed forces, once can only imagine that there must be a significant amount of soldiers that are simply lying about their personal beliefs.  

Hall was heckeld and mocked for the courage to stand by his convictions.  He was once asked to sit at another table during a thanksgiving dinner because he refused to pray before the meal.  I have to ask myself if they also called him Rudolph and refused to allow him to participate in any reindeer games, and further more if any of his narrowminded self important squad mates and officers ever even read that story and learned a god damn lesson from it!  

In addition to that, he was almost killed during an attack on his humvee, which according to Hall, after the attack a fellow soldier asked him if he believed in Jesus now.  Was he indicating that Jesus attacked the humvee?  Because I’m not following what he meant.  Our soldiers are attacked and nearly killed and the first thing on their minds is to shove their personal dogma in a fellow troops face?  No wonder we haven’t won the war in Iraq yet, our priorities are all sorts of screwed up if convincing someone of the validity of a 2000 year old magical figure is more important then liberating oppressed people, repairing our national image, or getting over yourself long enough to effectively work together as members of the United States Army.  

At the end of the day, we want our troops to come home safely, and therefore we have to squash this petty pointless infighting, so that our outfighting will hopefully make a difference.


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Spell check is informing me that Superbishop is not a proper word, and three days ago it most certainly would not have been.  On the 6th of July the Church of England announced that it would be creating an entirely new class of Bishop called “Superbishop”.  The reasoning behind this new superhero, excuse me, this new Superbishop, is that there is a sizable rebel faction within the Church that refuses to be lead by ordained women.  This is certainly going to go over well without anyone new protesting yet another sharp divide in which once again it is blatantly obvious that you cannot go very far in most main stream religions if you happen to be born without a penis.  

Why are there even women left in these churches?  I don’t think I would willingly include myself in any organization that informed me up front that I had no chance of elevating myself based purely on my birth right, so I find it difficult to wrap my brain around the scores of women that do involve themselves with such things, especially in less theocratic areas of the world.  People throw major fits when any other organizations blatantly discriminate against women, but in this case we have religious taboo shielding to protect any backlash that might come it’s way.  To the Church of England it is more important to prevent a few rebellious church goers from going to the Church of Rome, then it is to not screw over the entirety of the females in their church.

I really hope that one day in the not too distant future, women just get fed up and quit, leaving a bunch of power hungry men with nobody to push around.  They can go start their own churches where men can’t be anything other then Nun’s, which would also make them cross dressers keeping out a large amount of the homophobic nutty men from their new found church.  

Also I find it strange that the Church of England even needed a new subtype of Bishop.  Wouldn’t a normal male Bishop be perfectly capable of residing over these stubborn males that refuse to obey a female Bishop, despite her being ordained and therefore (correct me if I am in fact wrong) clearly capable in gods eyes of performing her duties to the church?  I guess these “Superbishops” are just another way of these “traditionalists” (read bigots) of feeling that they still in fact have more power then any mere women.  

 I however welcome our new Superbishops and all the bigotry and chauvinism they represent, because despite the years upon years of unfair rules being handed down by the our various churches, there is only so far one can push a group of people before things just start to deteriorate and collapse, and well if anybody reads the Internet (most people these days seem to.) far more often then not these days, people are calling out all the insane things that these institutions are finding it OK to do to their paying and caring customers.


Yea I meant customers.



It turns out that the General Synod struck down the amendments by traditionalists to create Superbishops, and are thusly faced now with a potential split of the Church of England.  As far as I am concered though, they can only benefit by allowing these backwards bigots to leave the church and thereby distance themselves from such negative opinions of women.  

Good riddance!