This blog’s main purpose is to talk about all sorts of various silly things that go on from day to day in my country, that being the USA.  From time to time though stories from other countries peak my interest and just scream to be talked about and thus they too get blogged in Acceptable Idiocy.

I did intend to update this blog daily, but my personal life has taken a turn for the busy and I just can’t manage to get on and post every single day as I would like.  So I put my posts up as time permits, and you should keep checking back, because I have zero intention of abandoning this blog, I enjoy that I get readers and welcome all comments. (Spammers excluded)

I am myself and Libertarian which at times can have some totalitarian views, and an Atheist all of which will be reflected with my commentary on the world, bigotry, and various insane religious cults like the Westboro Baptist Church which has been so busy lately I had to assign them their own category.  

Lastly, (till I edit this page anyway)

Feel free to give me any suggestions on any aspect of Acceptable Idiocy.  If I only end up with even a small group of people that enjoy what I write, I will be happy.  

Though I certainly hope to find link minded blogs and spread the love around.


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